Headshots - Angel McCoy

Headshots are a visual impression of who you are.  Let This Shot Photography take a quality image of you to use on a business card or as a profile image. Before being photographed, ask yourself how you want to be presented. If the image is for a corporate business card you will want to wear your industry standard whether that be a suit and tie or a more dressed down look. Dark blue and black are good suit colors. Avoid wearing a white shirt unless it is under a suit as it will take the primary attention of the image.

A thirty minute headshot portrait session is $99.00 for two digital images in studio.  On location portrait sessions will include an additional charge. Please contact me for group pricing. 

I will do basic editing on those images then allow you to download them. I can load them on a flash drive for an additional charge. You may print the images or use them digitally.  You may not alter them.

Please contact me at 501-607-4887 or at info@ThisShot.com to set up an appointment.